Chapter 4

Making your users use CRM

The chapter discusses in depth about how to incorporate the use of CRM culture among the employees of the organization. I have tried to highlight the importance of ownership by the organization’s head and the senior team to enforce the use of CRM throughout the hierarchy. Here are some key suggestions to make CRM usage a norm within the organization:
  • Avoid the notification trap by sending out emails to your CRM users when their task in the CRM is pending.
  • Capture a deal-wise gross profit (GP) and add one more field in the opportunities module to capture information about every deal.
  • A rigorous and continuous follow with your staff for making entries in the CRM is necessary.
  • Save a lot of time by creating a template for your staff to communicate with your clients through WhatsApp, email and SMS, this will increase the usage of CRM.
  • The most powerful way of getting user adoption is through the Concept of Owner-Notification where the exchange of Information and experience helps to achieve maximum efficiency in the sales process.
  • Avoid ghost entries by reassigning the records when a person leaves the organization.
  • Always do Sales Review meetings with real CRM Data.
  • Use the CRM dashboard daily for status updates to know key performances with numbers or graphs, it is useful for monitoring, tracking, or supervising the processes or teams.

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Chapter 3

Implementing CRM

Chapter 5

Growing your business with CRM