CRM Life Cycle

“Cracking the CRM code” is my book that discusses the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in improving customer relationships in order to drive business growth.

The book primarily covers
5 stages of CRM Life Cycle.
Deciding to buy CRM
Chapter 1
Limesh is someone who has got his deep expertise in the field of CRM and business. he very well understands the clients, the business and their needs…
The actual process of buying CRM
Chapter 2
In this chapter, I emphasize on how the co-operation of your management team and employees plays a vital role in the integration of CRM software…
Implementing CRM.
Chapter 3
In this chapter, I broadly cover the role and importance of CRM Admin to ensure smooth adoption and utilizing CRM to its full potential…
Making your users use CRM
Chapter 4
The chapter discusses in depth about how to incorporate the use of CRM culture among the employees of the organization…
Growing your business with CRM
Chapter 5
In the last chapter of my book, I touch upon how organizations can use CRM to grow their businesses. I stress upon the importance…